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The Full Story

Our team is insanely passionate about blockchain technology. We feel that it has the power to positively impact many areas of society and to change the way that we build community. That’s why we decided to launch our first project in 2020 & why we are launching BoBulls.

Our founder started out a decade ago as an investor in emerging technologies, moving in to NFT's in 2019 & joining the Lunabulls team as a core member in 2020. This project went on to cap $13.6m in revenue & succeeded in raising and donating $210k to charity via Angel Giving.

The wider team have all joined organically, with the exception of our developers not one member was brought in on a paid or promise of paid contract. Every team member started out as community & supporters of BabyBulls or Claytopians our projects on Polygon.

BoBulls is a trip back to the way things were, a simplified time where building a community of likeminded collectors took precedence over a rush for the latest financial utility. As NFT collectors ourselves we know that a return to this times even more so coupled with a multi chain element is what many of us would love to see & be a part of.

25% of all sales of BoBulls will go to the Troglodyte Society via Angel Giving, all being well we aim to raise and donate circa $20k for this cause.

If you have any questions about BoBulls or any of our projects, BabyBulls / Claytopians please raise a ticket in our discord and we will take care of you.

Troglodyte Society
Angel Giving /  Angel Allliance
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