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Our Roadmap

Thank you for being a part of our growing community. This type of support is what gives us the will and resources to keep creating wonderful art and sharing it across the Blockchain.

Our Roadmap is pretty loose, simply because we are as fed up as you with projects promising the world & delivering nothing.
Our first five goals are clearly laid out in our most recent medium article. Our goal is to take our 10k collection, split into 5 collections of 2k and mint on 5 different chains. Combing communities from all five chains under one roof, this bringing back the true OG NFT vibes of times gone by & leveraging the power of this massive multi chain community to achieve great things.

As far as future "utility" goes we have some ideas in the meantime...

By minting or acquiring a BoBulls NFT you will get preferential access to all BabyBulls & Claytopians giveaways in our already established & buzzing discord, our engage to earn tools & access to our suite of revenue generating games.
Guaranteed Whitelist for Claytopians mint & perks/benefits in game. 


BoBulls Stargaze Mint

Nov 17th


Claytopians Mint





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